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The Photo-to-Illustration Guide gives program managers the resources they need to plan for and produce high-quality illustrations for use in their print and web materials. This guide explains the technical process artists use to create illustrations and gives guidance on how to find artists and collaborate with them to create visual materials that clearly and effectively communicate key messages. This guide was originally developed under the SPRING project.

The Photo-to-Illustration Guide

The Photo-to-Illustration Video Tutorial (below) demonstrates the steps of the technical process, from reference photography to line drawing, color, volume, patterns, and a final image for layout. The video is intended as a visual companion to the Photo-to-Illustration Guide. Both program managers and illustrators alike can use the video to understand the process and begin to create their own high-quality images. This video tutorial was developed by the SPRING project.

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The IYCF Digital Image Bank is not currently taking new contributions. Check back here in a few weeks for more information on how to submit images. Thank you!

Video Showcase
Making the Most of the IYCF Digital Image Bank

This series of four videos is for nutrition and SBC implementers to learn a bit more about the features and potential of the images on the IYCF Digital Image Bank. By building a better understanding of the features and qualities of the images from the bank, you can more easily work with artists to refine and adapt images from the bank to your own needs, and maybe even start making adaptations on your own! The four videos are:

Video 1:Understanding Image Editing Applications

To use the bank’s image files properly, you’ll need to use software that can take full advantage of their features. This video explains the paid and free applications you can use.

Video 2:Understanding Layered Images

Image layers are what make these files powerful and adaptable. This video demonstrates what it means to have a layered image, and what that means for editing and adapting.

Video 3:Making Small Adaptations to IYCF Bank Images

This video demonstrates how you or a graphic artist can make use of the layers feature to make precise edits quickly, in ways you maybe didn’t think were possible!

Video 4:Combining Multiple Images to Create a Scene

The final video is about putting it all together, literally! We get inventive about pulling multiple images together to make completely new visuals!

Go to the series landing page for all four videos