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Breastfeeding in the first 6 months

Nigeria (SPRING | 2015)
Breastfeeding in the first 6 months

Key Messages

Breastfeeding in the first 6 months

  • Give only breastmilk during your baby’s first 6 months. Give nothing else, not even water.
  • Exclusive breastfeeding means feeding your baby ONLY breastmilk for the first 6 months.
  • Breastmilk provides all the food and water that your baby needs during the first 6 months of life.
  • Even during very hot weather, breastmilk will satisfy your baby’s thirst.
  • Giving your baby anything else will cause him/her to suckle less often and will reduce the amount of breastmilk that you produce.
  • Water, other liquids, and foods can make the baby sick.
  • You can give medicines if they are recommended by your health provider.

Note for community worker:

  • There may be a period of 24 hours in the first day or two when the baby feeds only two to three times. After the first few days, frequent breastfeeding is important for establishing a good supply.